Mast bend recovery

After a few adjustments, I think we’re now very close to having a straight mast! Next weekend I’ll ease the port V1 a half turn again and I think we’ll be spot on then.

A straight mast?

Last Saturday we also looked into the anchoring situation to ensure that we meet the requirements for the PacCup race. Surprisingly, I would have to say that the French and the Americans may disagree on this topic. I’m assuming that Changabang came equipped with the proper anchoring equipment as required by the Class40 rules. And that doesn’t work for the PacCup.

Chain and rode

There are two anchors on CaB, of the same type, one heavy and one light, which should work in sand or mud bottoms. We have 4 links of chain (we forgot to measure its proof/coil size though): 14 ft 2 in, 18.5 ft, 36 ft, 51 ft. This should be plenty to meet the requirements but we were short on 3-strand nylon rope, of which I purchased 200 ft (and a thimble, which I’ll have to splice in).

I also had to purchase a floating lamp for the life sling. I think that’s it for this weekend! Plenty more to do on the engine front …

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