Ups and downs

That Class40 boat in Los Angeles would have been really nice, especially considering where all the others are! Unfortunately, the owner and I couldn’t find common ground and the transaction is not going through.

I’m pursuing the LC40 in France then. It is a very nice boat; it’s just that it’s in France, and as we’ve discussed before, the logistics are daunting. I have opted to ship the boat for now: transfer to Antwerp, transfer cradle to Antwerp, move cradle to cargo ship, move boat to cradle, wait, wait, wait, reverse the process in the US. And I’m not even thinking about all the customs and import stuff. Regardless, I “mustered enough energy” to put a formal offer through. We’ll know over the next few days the fate of this offer. It is now the 3rd boat I’m trying and I’m down about $3,000 just in travel and other expenditures to see and survey boats.

My offer, I must admit, is demanding. So … more hurry and wait now.

Author: Skipper

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